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General Information

Who is Skybags?
Skybags is a premium backpacks brand and successful business unit that belongs to VIP Industries (est. 1971). VIP industries is one of the biggest stylish backpacks, travel goods and everyday travel accessories producers, worldwide; Skybags shares its roots with sister brands like VIP, Carlton and Caprese.
Why the prices of Skybags products are so attractive and so much lower vs Competition? Is this related to quality?
Skybags backpacks are synonymous with quality. Each product goes through a series of quality tests that test it for reliability & durability. All components are rigorously tested which includes testing of material, zippers, and handles. Only when the tests approve the quality of the product, the bag is released for sale. So Skybags can compete on quality with any Competitor.
To give the Consumers access to quality backpacks at great prices, we took the Direct-to-Consumer approach. Our pieces are made with the same top-quality materials as other premium brands. But our overhead is much lower, and our quality is guaranteed. That means that we sell our products ONLY online without any middlemen/retailers and additional costs such as the Rent of a Store, Electricity costs, Staff costs, and other Operational costs that are pushing the prices higher for our Competitors.
The following graph makes it clearer for You.

Policies and Other Information

What is You return and exchange policy?
If you decide that your new Skybags product isn’t for you, you can return or exchange it any time within 30 business days of your purchase—no ifs, ands, or asterisks. And the return shipping through ACS courier is always on us!
Please note that the products should be at the same excellent condition (as when received by You), to approve the return and/or exchange of the item. Also be kindly informed that the 30-day trial period does not start over if you exchange your item. If you end up returning your order, you will only have the remainder of your original 30-day trial to do so. Keep in mind that we do not offer refunds for shipping fees, you will only be refunded the cost of the item(s) you return.
What are the payment methods?
We want You to feel comfortable and enjoy Your Skybags product, so we are providing 2 payment methods that we believe are meeting Your expectations. You can pay Cash when receiving Your Skybags product to the ACS courier store You have selected (Cash On Delivery method) or by Credit Card when you finalize Your ordered via Skybags E-shop.
Can I place a Corporate order?
Yes, of course! Please, contact us either via email ( or via the phone (96 424184) to request more information (and even personalize) your Corporate order. A member of our team will be happy to help You finalize Your order.
Do Your Skybags products have a Warranty?
But of course!! At Skybags, we thoroughly check all our products to ensure they meet strict standards and a 2 years Worldwide Warranty is provided.
Do You deliver at my home?
All orders can be picked up by the ACS courier store that You can select when placing Your order on our E-shop. A Viber SMS will be sent to You when Your item will arrive to the selected (by You) ACS courier store so that You will be able to pick it up. No home deliveries yet.
When exactly will I receive my order?
Please, kindly visit our Shipping and Delivery link, to identify the table which specifies exactly when Your order will be received depending on the time and day ordered.
Can I Personalise my Skybags selection/s ?
Absolutely! We offer personalisation options to create a memorable gifting experience for your recipients. Whether you're looking to add unique initials or a company logo, we'd love to explore the possibilities with You. Please, contact us and a member of our team will support You.